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Setting the pace in Stockholm
Setting the pace in Stockholm

Lovisa Bivstedt remembers the exact moment that running became a major force in her life. She was seven years old when she won the Stockholm mini-Marathon. Since then, running has been a constant passion for her. Growing up in Stockholm, she was spoiled for choice with dreamy running spots straight out of a fairytale. These days you’ll find her sprinting through the Swedish capital’s colourful streets and inner-city lakes and forests. She shared with us just what makes her city so special.

adidas Headphones: How long have you been running for?

Lovisa: I have been running for several years and it all started at 7 years old, when I won the Stockholm mini-Marathon. I have loved running ever since.

aH: Why do you run?

L: When I run, I feel free, strong and confident. I feel like I’m in my right habitat. Running is my happy place, in mind and body. I have a goal to be the best I can ever be, and I am working towards that goal every day.

aH: Do you prefer running by yourself or with friends?

L: I mostly prefer running with my teammates since we share the same goals and it is nice to push each other to our limits. However, I find it satisfying to run alone sometimes with loud music and only be in the present.

aH: Is there one specific run/event that you’re particularly proud of and why?

I am especially proud of my 10th place at the U20 European Championships 2019 where I ran two personal records in two days. I also ran third place at the Swedish National Championships, which I am very proud of.

aH: What runs through your mind before/during a race?

L: I usually get kind of nervous, but I am good at turning it into something positive. I know I will not be performing my best if I am not nervous. It makes me feel like I am doing something important. During a race I like to be in my own bubble and I don’t think about much; only the tactics I set up before the race.

aH: What makes Stockholm such a great city to run in and what’s your favourite place?

L: Stockholm is a beautiful city to run in. It has both nature in the form of lakes and forests, but you also get to see beautiful old buildings which makes it even more enjoyable. My favorite area to run is anywhere close to the water. It gives me peace and calms my body. I especially love to run around Kungsholmen.

aH: How do you keep your runs fresh in an area you know so well?

L: I do different types of workouts including intervals, long runs and distance runs, which makes running always fun and interesting. I also love to hype myself with some good music!

aH: Do you prefer the vibrant, busy spots of Stockholm or find yourself running on the quieter streets?

L: I prefer running on the quieter streets even though I feel super powerful in the busy spots. However, I like to calm my body when running, which is easier where there are not as many people.

aH: Is there a strong female running community in Stockholm?

L: I can proudly say that running is generally a very equal sport here. Both women and men are treated equally compared with many other sports. Girls support girls and that makes me happy.

aH: What advice would you give women thinking of taking up running?

L: Find a really good music list that you like and then play it loud in your headphones and just start running. Start at an easy pace without comparing yourself to others and then successively increase the speed.

aH: Is there a style of music that helps give you a boost while you’re working out/running?

L: I love to listen to Swedish pop/rap when I am running.

aH: What are your goals for this year, within running?

L: My biggest goal this year is to run personal bests in my events and also qualify and make it to the final in the U23 European Championships. When I see results of my hard work I feel motivated to keep running and to chase my goals.

aH: If you could give people one reason to start running, what would that be?

L: The feeling you get after running is something special. You are filled with adrenaline and your stress and anxiousness disappears. That’s why I think everyone should start running, because it makes you feel so good. It heals your body and mind. What’s most important for me is that the headphones do not fall out and that they have great sound. I want to be in my own bubble and not be disturbed from the outside.

Lovisa’s Top 5 Tips

1. Pom & Flora cafe
2. Walk around Djurgården
3. RAW sushi & grill, St Eriksplan
4. Buy a coffee and walk along Norr Mälarstrand
5. Glashuset Restaurang & Bar, Strandvägen