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adidas Headphones supporting student-athlete talent showing more is possible
adidas Headphones supporting student-athlete talent showing more is possible

We’re proud to support rising collegiate talents on adidas’ first-ever roster of student-athletes by providing them with our latest headphones and earbuds models. As part of the Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) network, eligible student-athletes of all genders and backgrounds are provided the opportunity to become paid-affiliate adidas brand ambassadors.


Equipped with adidas RPT-02 SOL headphones and FWD-02 SPORT earbuds, the athletes will represent the 3-Stripes and show that more is possible both within and outside the realms of their college commitments.

Powered by both natural and artificial light, the self-charging adidas RPT-02 SOL keeps the music going. With up to 80 hours of stored playtime, the athletes won’t be short of motivation.

Inspired by insights from athletes, the sleek design and superior ergonomics of adidas FWD-02 SPORT earbuds ensure they stay in place. From warm-up, game time, right through to recovery, we're supporting them every step of the way.


Each student-athlete has their own story to tell. Here we get to know our future prospects a little better.

Jameese Joseph is a Beltsville, MD native and a current senior on NC State’s soccer team. Her attacking prowess creates game-changing moments on the field. Off the field, she’s a business administration senior. The right balance of rest and fun with family and friends is crucial to her focus and performance.

NIL - Image 2

Gianna Pielet is part of Texas A&M women’s tennis team. A sophomore originally from El Paso, Gianna was ranked number one in the country at 12, 14 and 16 years old. Following in the footsteps of her family of athletes, Gianna was named top prospect in the Southwest Region and Florida prior to signing her agreement with adidas.

NIL - Image 3

Brianna Copeland is a sophomore softball player for Indiana University majoring in architecture. With 11 home runs and 13 stolen bases already this season, Brianna’s on course for another impressive run. As a freshman, she was the first in the school’s history to hit three home runs in a game and only the third player in the program’s history to accomplish the feat.

NIL - Image 4


Want to power your workout with sport headphones that take your performance to new levels?

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