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Payment - Duties & Taxes

Will my order be subject to Duties & Taxes?

For orders shipped to addresses within the EU and the US, the price you see includes any applicable duties and taxes. However, if your order is being shipped to a destination outside of the EU or the US, please note that it may be subject to local duties and taxes.

In the event that duties and taxes are not included in your order, they will be assessed and applied by the carrier upon the arrival of your shipment in your country. It is important to be aware that duties and taxes are calculated based on the full value of the products, and any voucher codes or promotions are not considered in this calculation.

To obtain further details on duties and taxes, as well as information about deliveries, we encourage you to read more here. This will provide you with comprehensive information and guidance regarding the applicable regulations and processes.

Contact your local customs office for more information about VAT, duties, and/or taxes in your region.

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