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Light is Wellbeing
Light is Wellbeing

Think about how powerful it is that both music, but even more so light, are really good for all of us. For adidas Mindset Coach, Ameerah Omar, music and light are universal truths that can play significant roles towards a holistic betterment. Inspired by the adidas RPT-02 SOL, which utilizes the energizing quality of light for energy, Ameerah Omar tells all about how she uses light to power her performance, mental health, and wellbeing. On Mental Health Day, we find out Ameerah’s pearls of wisdom for working toward a positive mindset and maintaining a balanced mental wellbeing.

aH: What does your role as Mindset Coach for adidas Runners entail?

Ameerah: It’s my job to provide a comprehensive and systematic approach to a positive mindset for our running community. This is done by coaching around the specific techniques and skills (Concentration, Clarity, and Coolness) that promote and enhance the adidas runners’ mindset performance qualities. My life’s motto is that everyone has the potential to live their best life. ‘Better mind. Better athlete. Better human.’ Our minds control everything we do as well as how we experience life. When we work with and train our mindset to be open and accepting, we ultimately see a shift in our relationship to everything around us.

It’s not about changing the things we can’t control; it’s rather about having choice in how we respond to those things.

With every mindset or mindfulness exercise or activity we give ourselves the opportunity to find out more about ourselves on a deeper level and get to know ourselves better, which is key to our performance.

aH: What do light and music mean to you in your everyday life?

A: Light is life. Without it, I don’t know where I’d be. It means energy. It means motivation. It means productivity and power. Light is what gets me through time and space—both the good and, most importantly, the bad. I am a morning person, a lark, and so rising with the sun is such a significant moment for me day to day.

"Light symbolizes a new beginning, new opportunities, and a fresh start."

Both music and light give me energy and power. I’d say they are probably two of the greatest universal truths. They’re connectors that get everyone—regardless of situation or circumstance—on the same page, speaking the same language and met with positivity.

aH: How can people invest in their own wellbeing?

A: I think the first step is understanding and believing that you are your own greatest resource. We have everything we need already inside. When we skilfully and consistently practice concentration, clarity, and coolness, we have the ability to unlock all of our potential. This means putting yourself first, which can be very challenging. Sometimes, that means saying “no” or making tough decisions that hurt someone’s feelings or removing yourself from certain situations to protect your peace. It’s not personal. It’s the necessary action to be able to show up in a full way. There’s a reason why they tell you to secure your oxygen mask first before assisting someone else. You can’t help if you are depleted or worse.

"It’s time we start writing new rules to the game of life."

Rest is the greatest form of resistance. When we rest, we actually have a chance to see and understand what is actually happening around us. When we get clarity there, only then, do we have the opportunity to take skilful action to create positive change.

aH: Can you offer advice for how we can all go about getting in the right headspace in the current times?

A: Yes. Slow down. This notion of immediate gratification and having to do all things all of the time is not the way. Society will have you believe otherwise but the truth is we have the power to write the rules to our own way of life. Take your time.

Affirmations and positive self-talk are also great keys to supporting mental health. I’m a very visual person so I like to write things down and post them in places where I can see them frequently. You should see my fridge! There are notes upon notes of positive phrases and words that keep me motivated and believing in myself.

aH: How does light affect you and your wellbeing?

A: The sun energizes me like no other. It’s so funny because I’ve been living in NYC for almost 20 years and have yet to get used to the winter. I’m not a cold weather person and anything under 70 degrees is uncomfortable for me.

"But even in the dead of winter, the sun and light have ways to transform the uncomfortable experience into one that is positive, comfortable, and nourishing."

Light feeds my mind, body, and soul. I think the greatest time that I notice the effects of it are when I don’t have access to it. My mood becomes more melancholy; I am less motivated, and my body physically doesn’t feel as good.

aH: How do you approach working out holistically?

A: My approach lies within reflecting on the big picture and knowing there are many pieces to the puzzle. To solely focus on performance is only going to get you so far. Yes, performance is important, but without mindset and nutrition, as well as recovery and strength to support it, we are not fully maximizing our potential. I would advise everyone to get curious about everything.

As you’re building new habits or working with old ones, ask yourself questions about how your actions affect other aspects of your life and don’t be afraid to make adjustments along the way.

I think fear of making changes or revising the plan holds a lot of folks back because it may be viewed as a failure of sorts, when the truth of the matter is that the only way we can grow and learn and become better is to test, try, adjust, and repeat.

Powered by light to power your performance, the RPT-02 SOL is our future icon for sustainability. Built with as much recycled plastic as possible and utilizing groundbreaking Powerfoyle ™ light cell technology, these headphones keep the music going to power your workout—whilst being sustainably conscious.

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